The Poldauer Size XS has just the right dimensions for playing with a 1/4 or 1/2 size violin.

With the Poldauer Pad kids feel at ease straight away. Shoulder rests with hard frames feel unnatural to children.

They can place the rest on the instrument themselves and proudly put it back into its zipper after practising.

The left-hand shoulder can move freely and the kids learn the importance of balancing the instrument on the collar bone.

Very good players, that practise many hours a day, prefer to play more freely and prevent themselves from developing shoulder problems. Soft pads dampen the sound of the small violin and children also want to produce a nice tone.

Eine 3/4 violin with size XS or size S and a 4/4 violin with size S or size M, are already at first attempt much more comfortable for children than the hard and unflexible alternatives on the market. It takes no convincing and gives them a head start for developing good technique.