Professor Dora Schwarzberg

"Poldauer makes you feel free"


Professor Dora Schwarzberg began teaching at the Mannes School of Music in New York and from 1989 at the mdw-University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna where she’s currently Professor Emeritus. She is regularly invited as a juror at international competitions. Conservatory of Music in Shanghai (where she is an honorary professor). Since 2018 she is Professor at the Buchmann Mehta School of Music.

Professor. Jinwon Yoon (viola)

Kyunghee University Seoul in Korea

The Poldauer rest gives you more freedom when playing and provides the player with the opportunity to hold the instrument comfortably without any strains on the body (2023)

Maxim Vengerov, Soloist und Conductor

"This is a revolution of the violin technique"

(Quotation: Maxim Vengerov, 2019)

Christian Tetzlaff, Professor for Violin in Hamburg and Soloist

"For three months I have been playing with a Poldauer pad."

(Quotation: Christian Tezlaff, August 2019)

Lorenz Nasturika-Herschcowici, concert master of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra

"The Poldauer is the first shoulder rest which meets my requirements for sound and handling. I can recommend it without any reservation"

(Quotation: Lorenz Nasturika-Herschcowici, in September 2019)

Christoph Poppen, Professor for violin and chamber music

"I am very enthusiastic about the Poldauer Pad and have recommended it to many colleagues and students. All of them are just as convinced as I am. I highly recommed it!"

(Quote: Christoph Poppen, Professor for Violine and chamber music at the University for Music and Theatre in Munich, February 2021)

Yamei Yu, Professor for Violin

"Almost every musician knows the difficult search for free and beautiful sound and in this context the constant experimenting with new devices such as finding the ideal shoulder rest.

The Poldauer shoulder rest convinced me at first attempt, I was thrilled with it: its light build gave me unlimited freedom of sound. The possibility to rotate the instrument all-around was a blessing for the vibrato und the shifting of positions, to an extent that is normally only achievable when playing without a shoulder rest.

The Poldauer shoulder rest reminds my students during their lessons to manage their body pose and balance and improve coordination when playing. The variety of different sizes match all ages and possible body sizes.

A phantastic invention, which I would like to congratulate you for and that I would personally not like to miss any more."

(Quote and Photograph: Yamei Yu / former first leader in the Bayerische Staatsoper (opera) in Munich und currently Professor for violin at the Robert Schumann University in Düsseldorf, March 2021)

Prof. Latica Honda-Rosenberg, Professor for violin

"I play the Poldauer myself with enthusiasm and recommend it to my students"

(Quote and Photograph: Prof. Latica Honda-Rosenberg, Professor for Violin

Julius-Stern-Institute, Berlin, March 2021)