"...Fortunately it turned out that the large size is the perfect size for me and the violin is held securely and comfortably with this size, that is as soon as I found the best placement for the poldauer. I was surprised at how much freedom this rest allows, both for shifting and especially vibrato which has improved greatly.

By far the biggest surprise was how the poldauer changed the sound of my violin. The tone is so much more richer and sweet. I’ve used small pads before so cannot understand why this improvement is so big, whether it is something in the spiral design, was this intentional? So far I have not had to use the foil as most of the time the rest stays in place but there was one time it did fall off. One thing that stops me using the foil is the disclaimer on the box. Have you had any reports that this has reacted with a customer’s varnish? I’m so happy with this rest I may buy a spare sometime in the future." Stephen, Feburary 2022

Comment from Poldauer: the TPU foil does not contain any material that would react with the varnish of your violin.

"...Bonjour, je vous ai acheté un coussin de violon il y a un mois je suis ravie du confort..."