Age 11

Recorded in the Kleiner Saal, Gasteig (Munich) on 23 June 2020

At the piano: Cornelia Glassl (Munich Conservatory)

On 2nd July 2020 Anton Carus (11 J.) won a second prize in the age category B (10-13 years) at the international Leonid-Kogan competition for young violinists in Brussels.

See him playing with a Poldauer shoulder rest


Age 13 (born in 2007)

Living in Yuseong, Daejeon, Korea

1st grade at SunHwa Art Middle School in Seoul, Korea

Study under Jaehong Park since Nov. 2014


Awarded 1st prize and scholarship for SunHwa Art Middle School at “SunHwa Competition” (string Ti)

Awarded 1st prize and Prize of International Music Festival of Hong Kong at “23rd International Competition of Bohdan Warchai” (string Vision Heavy)

Awarded silver medal (category young artist) at “1st Vienna International Music Competition” (string Vision Heavy)


Awarded 4th prize (2nd category) at “Leonid Kogan International Competition for Young Violinists” (string Ti)

See him (video) playing with a Poldauer shoulder rest