Measure your current shoulder rest's lowest distance from the instrument (see picture). Use this as a proxy for the right maximum height of the Poldauer rest:

XS: 0 to 1,5 cmS: 1,83 cmM: 2,15 cmL: 2,30 cmViola: 2,60 cm

If you have used no shoulder rest before, we recommend the size XS for you. Also for children we recommend XS as the perfect size without doubt. If you have used foam or soft support we recommend size S. If you have used type Kun, Wolf or Pirastro, we recommend you try size M. If you have a long neck, size L should be right for you.

The starter kit comes with the ordered Poldauer shoulder rest, the specially designed protective foil (2x) and an attractive zipper bag to keep it in your violin case. In case you have a really long neck we recommend you purchase the cork to be able to lift your chin rest.


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The shoulder rests are sent in conjunction with adhesive foil and round case. They have been produced using highly innovative 3 D printing technology.